Encouraging Professional Registration of Fellow Filipino Engineers and Geoscientists  in Manitoba


Welcome to the Filipino Members Chapter - Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba!

We take pride as the first ethnic-based chapter formed with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. The chapter exists because of the efforts by concerned Filipino engineers whose aim is to provide assistance and support to fellow Filipino immigrants with engineering and geoscience background to gain membership with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba. Without them, we would not be here. Thus, we are continuing to propagate what has been started.

Our selfless volunteers and officers of the executive committee are committed to encourage our current and future members to pursue the practice of engineering and geoscience in the province of Manitoba by offering several avenues for networking, mentorship, volunteer opportunities and other resources, such as bursary awards and soon an interactive library of study materials.

We believe that recognizing accomplishments builds confidence, thus we acknowledge and support the hardwork, dedication and achievements of all our members. You will hear stories of persistence, resilience, courage and faith from our members on their journey towards achieving professional engineer and geoscientist status, which are truly motivating and inspirational.

We are also a strong supporter of volunteerism and believe that giving back builds a better community. In this regard, the chapter has started working with other organizations to help make Manitoba a better place.

How can we best help you achieve your engineering and geoscience aspirations? Join the chapter, explore our website and experience the exceptional support we offer.

We would like to see you all succeed!