Encouraging Professional Registration of Fellow Filipino Engineers and Geoscientists  in Manitoba




It is my pleasure to extend my thanks to you for entrusting me the responsibility to lead the chapter this year. The past 5 years, I have witnessed the great transformation of the organization in helping its members to achieve a common dream of being a Professional Engineer and to practice the profession. 


For this year, we are looking forward to the ABC of the chapter.  ABC stands for Achieve, Believe and Challenge. In the past years we have witnessed previous leaderships plant the seeds in membership and trailblazing the creation of more focused group chapters of the association. We will continue the work they have done and we look forward to growing in number of more active membership.


We will be doing more collaborations with student members and being strategic in keeping active participation of regular members through mentorships. Believing in our strength and capabilities is another aspect of our goal for this year. We are seeing more partnerships with the association, lay members and organizations in providing funds and support to scholarships, info sessions and professional development seminars. Looking forward into a fruitful year, we will challenge ourselves to achieve greater heights in terms of technology and communication.


In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we are confined to limited gatherings and events having in mind the public’s health and safety. For the next two months, we are looking at updating our records, spearheading virtual meetings and utilizing our social media accounts and our website to reach out and provide valuable information that may be of interest to members and prospects as well. The future is bright for the chapter as we head into ABC 2020!


I now present to you the rest of the 2020-2021 FMC-EGM Executive Committee Officers:


Vice-Chair             Gani Casalla, P.Eng.

Secretary              Norman Padilla, E.I.T.

Treasurer              Ramon Anthony De Guzman, E.I.T.


Execomm Members:

                              Allen Samson, P.Eng.

                              Bless Ramos, E.I.T.

                              Kresta Zumel, E.I.T.

                              Will Constantino, E.I.T.

Ex-Officio              Jun Tapia, P.Eng.


Thank you and more power to us all!




Chapter Chairman 2020 - 2021